Night Drive, the up-and-coming electro pop duo of Rodney Connell and Bradley Duhon, started collaborating together when they the woman they had both been unwittingly and unknowingly dating simultaneously had suddenly died. Heavily inspired by the likes of Joy Division, Cut Copy, Brian Eno, the Knife, the Drums, LCD Soundsystem. Depeche Mode and others or in other words slickly produced, densely layered synth pop that focuses on rather dark themes. 

The duo of Connell and Duhon recently covered Radiohead’s “Where I End and You Begin,” off Hail to the Thief, and Night Drive’s cover turns a brooding and anxious song into a slickly produced, hypnotically pulsating dance pop track, in the vein of Giorgio Moroder while retaining the spirit of the original – a tough task but they do it incredibly well.