Northside Festival Day 3 — Netherlands, Cinema Cinema, Good for You, and Black Flag at Warsaw 6/15/13

Northside Festival Day 3

Netherlands, Cinema Cinema, Good for You and Black Flag


June 15, 2013

As you all know, this summer has been unusually busy as i’ve been handling the responsibilities of a day job with the responsibilities of this site. And naturally, on many occasions, the day job takes precedence over the site – after all, I have to pay bills and be a responsible, tax-paying adult, right? 

So back in mid June, I took a week off from my day job to cover the New Music Seminar Festival New York, Big Daddy Kane’s Summerstage show at Tompkins/Herbert Von King Park, and the Northside Festival. On the third day of the four day music festival, I was at Warsaw to catch Netherlands, Cinema Cinema, Good for You and Black Flag – and it may have been the hardest, loudest show of the entire festival. And although it was a memorable night musically, the show was marred thanks to the Warsaw’s security crew being unreasonable assholes. I think most people recognize the idea that security can be very difficult – especially, these days when you have to balance crowd control with larger security issues such as terrorism, violence, etc. But here’s a couple of examples where things struck me as being unfair and outright shitty.

Each venue at Northside, has an allotment of badges (both press and paying festivalgoers) they can admit vs. paying customers, and those numbers can vary based on the size of the venue. So all badge holders are specifically told that if there’s a show they want to see, that it would behoove them to arrive early to ensure their entrance. With that in mind, I made sure I got to Warsaw pretty early – I wanted to see Black Flag and wasn’t going to be denied. I got there about an hour before doors, and started chatting with two guys who had arrived some time before i did. And as you can imagine, we fast became concert friends.  Just as they were about to let people in, one of the largest security guards working that night, walks up to the door and looks specifically at me with an intimidating air that seemed to say “I’ll fuck you up if you act out of line.” Odd, but I played it off. 

   I had to check my bag according to house rules, which was mildly annoying but what can you do? Of course, I almost always forget something – in this case, I almost forget my earplugs and I wound up forgetting my notebook. D’oh! But what was unusual was that I saw at least two press badge holders who were let in with their bags. What made them so different from the other badge holders? And shouldn’t everyone be treated the same? (Like I said, it was mildly annoying.)

But the most outrageous thing happened a bit later on. Between Good for You and Black Flag’s set, the same huge security guard from earlier, walked through the room, pushing and shoving people out of the way, including members of the press – I was one of those people who was pushed out of the way. Strangely, nothing was happening because it was in the middle of break between sets, so I couldn’t quite understand what the issue was. In any case, one of my new concert friends sarcastically said to this guard something along the lines of “Hey man, why don’t you be more polite?” And as a result, my concert friend got the old heave- ho treatment. That’s right for saying something. Sigh. Like I said earlier, that kind of marred things for me.  But the bands themselves were incredible. Check out some great photos below.


Cinema Cinema

Good For You 

Black Flag

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