Occasionally, I’ve come across something so stunningly beautiful that it stops me in my tracks – such was the case with Silvana Kane’s “Cruces” off her debut solo effort, La Jardinera.

Born in Lima, Peru, Kane’s parents emigrated to Canada when she was 7. She learned English and influenced by her own parents musical training, picked up the piano and the violin. She returned to her native Peru when she was 9, but by the time she was 11, she headed off to Milwaukee, WI, and she was in Vancouver when she was 14 where she finally settled. As an adult Kane is most known for her work as the lead singer of the Juno-nomiated pop act Pacificka. 

As I mentioned earlier, Kane is releasing her solo debut La Jardinera on November 13th, and it promises to be her most personal record to date as the album predominately consists of covers of from her favorite Latin American singers, composers such as Chabuca Granda, Mercedes Sosa, and Violeta Parra – songs describing revolt, rebellion, and love into beautiful ballads. 

“Cruces,” is a sparsely arranged song – vocals, brief blasts of horns, guitar and banjo – but it’s elegantly simple.