Parisian label Kitsune has developed a reputation for discovering some of the most forward-thinking electro pop – including incredibly popular acts such as Two Door Cinema Club, Hot Chip, Yelle and also for showcasing the likes of Haerts, Theophilus London, Toro Y Moi and others. 

Interestingly, the label has started a continuing series of compilations of American-based indie electro pop/indie pop artists that suggests something that we all have probably known for quite some time – that deep grooves are universal. 

The label’s third and forthcoming compilation. Kitsune America 3 is slated for a June 2nd release, and the first single from that compilation NAVVI’s “Speak” is comprised of a  slow but deep, trance-like groove set around eerily ethereal synths and a vocalist who seductively coos her lyrics like a siren beckoning sailors to shore … 

Thanks to it’s chilly air, the song seems perfect suited for a late night, and possibly drunken summertime hookup in the darkened corner of a club