Photography: 2016 Coney Island Mermaid Parade 6/18/16

Photography: 2016 Coney Island Mermaid Parade 6/18/16

It’s an annual tradition here at JOVM that I head down to Coney Island for the annual Mermaid Parade to take pictures of gorgeous people in variety of impressive costumes to celebrate Coney Island and the summer. And as a photographer, its’s wonderful — it’s almost as though you have several thousand models, many who are more than willing to pose just for you with a great backdrop. Check out photos from a glorious afternoon by the beach below.

IMG-0004 IMG-0010

IMG-0012 IMG-0030

IMG-0046 IMG-0049

IMG-0050 IMG-0056

IMG-0058 IMG-0071

IMG-0117 IMG-0124



IMG-0195 IMG-0205

IMG-0209 IMG-0215

IMG-0216 IMG-0217

IMG-0219 IMG-0225

IMG-0231 IMG-0232

IMG-0241 IMG-0246

IMG-0247 IMG-0254

IMG-0258 IMG-0260

IMG-0266 IMG-0274

IMG-0290 IMG-0302

IMG-0306 IMG-0317

IMG-0328 IMG-0331

IMG-0338 IMG-0340

IMG-0341 IMG-0347

IMG-0369 IMG-0371

IMG-0374 IMG-0384

IMG-0390 IMG-0390

IMG-0399 IMG-0408

IMG-0413 IMG-0417

IMG-0427 IMG-0436

IMG-0448 IMG-0454

IMG-0456 IMG-0467

IMG-0468 IMG-0471

IMG-0473 IMG-0474


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