Photography: Brooklyn Nets’ Practice in the Park 10/9/21

Last Saturday, I received tickets for the Brooklyn Nets‘ annual Practice in the Park in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Unsurprisingly, I bought my camera gear. The idea of an outdoor practice in Brooklyn Bridge Park with a gorgeous view of Lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge, just seemed absolutely perfect to me. 

Sadly, I wasn’t able to get much of the practice: My mom and I managed to get into a section, where everyone was standing on chairs and jockeying hard for position for photos. It was a bit more chaotic than what we both expected. It was more frustrating for my mother who’s 5’2.” But I did manage to get a handful of photos while I was there, even if it was difficult.

Caption: The Nets were doing it in the park y’all. Sadly, I didn’t get many decent photos after this. Sigh.
Caption: New York Liberty’s Timeless Flames dancers.