Photography: Coney Island Mural, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NYC 6/16/22

Last Saturday, I made the trek down to Coney Island for the 40th Annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade. It was the first parade in almost three years — and because it was a beautiful (but kind of chilly) day, there was a pretty big crowd for the parade. Obviously, I have some photos from the parade, which you’ll see in a little bit. 

The best part of the parade is the chaos afterwards on the boardwalk. People are everywhere, hanging out and partying hard. And of course, it’s a great opportunity to take quick portraits of everyday New Yorkers in all manner of costumes. It’s like the photographer Super Bowl!

Coney Island has gone through some changes over the years. It’s not as seedy as it used to be, which I miss — but at the same time, I caught this gorgeous mural.