Photography: Confront Art’s SEEINJUSTICE, Union Square Park, NYC

Caption: With George Floyd’s brother, Terrance on what would have been George’s 48th birthday. Terrence Floyd was gracious enough to take a quick picture with me. Sadly, the only thing I could muster to say was that I was so very sorry for his loss. And in retrospect it seemed feeble. But what else is there to really say?
Caption: Terrence Floyd said a few words about his brother George. Celebrating loved one’s birthdays when they’re no longer around is a weird and different sort of pain.

The other day, I went to Union Square Park to specifically see Confront Art‘s SEEINJUSTICE installation before it leaves town at the end of the month. The busts of George Floyd, Rep. John Lewis and Breonna Taylor captures them with power, grace and dignity: With Floyd and Taylor, I personally think it’s the dignity that they should have been afforded in life. Rep. John Lewis comes off with a stately, regal air. As he fucking should by the way!

I didn’t realize it at the time, but Wednesday would have been George Floyd’s 48th birthday. Confront Art invited George Floyd’s brother and a few other folks to come out to the installation to commemorate George’s birthday. I immediately recognized the man. I’ve seen him enough on TV to recognize him. What I will say is that Terrence was gracious enough to take a picture with me.

SEEINGJUSTICE is in town until the end of the month. It’s worth checking out. And as always: Black lives matter. All of them. All of the time.