Photography: Corona, Rego Park, and Jamaica: Or I’m Partially Vaccinated

Photography: Corona Rego Park and Jamaica: Or I’m Partially Vaccinated

Yesterday, I had an appointment for my first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine shot at York College in Jamaica, Queens. If you know me well, you know I had brought my camera because I knew I’d probably get inspired by something on my way to my appointment.

I’ve mentioned this before but the sense of relief and hope I felt after the syringe was placed in my arm was profound and overwhelming. I know I’m protecting myself and reducing the risk of COVID-19 being deadly — and the chances of me passing it on to others, if I were to catch it. I know I’m protecting my loved ones and their loved ones, as well as my neighbors and their loved ones. And it’s one step closer to some sort of normal (whatever that will be after all of this is over).

Thank you scientists, researchers, medical professionals and our armed forces, who administered the entire process in a seamless and convenient process.

Photos below.

Caption: York College wouldn’t allow photography of any sort during vaccinations but they did have a selfie zone — and of course, if it isn’t on the ‘gram did it happen?
Caption: Slices of sky. Since my appointment was an early evening appointment, I couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous the sky looked as the sun peaked out of the cloud and began to set.
Caption: Spring has sprung. Corona, Queens, NYC.
Caption: Spring has sprung near York College. This was a sign that despite the horrors of the past year, that things continue as they always do — and for me it was a sign of things slowly coming back.

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