Photography: David Bowie Takes Over Broadway-Lafayette Station

Photography: David Bowie Takes Over Broadway-Lafayette Station

Some of my earliest and most powerful memories have been tied into music — particularly, the work of David Bowie, Talking Heads, DEVO, Miles Davis, The Police and several others within my parents record collection. And when I heard that Brooklyn Museum was the last stop of what turned out to be an incredibly comprehensive touring David Bowie exhibit David Bowie Is until July, and as a lifelong Bowie fan, I made a stop at the museum to see it on my 39th birthday. Seeing the handwritten lyrics for songs like “Fashion,” the electric blue suit he wore during the Serious Moonlight tour (one of the first concert videos I had ever seen and a very early obsession of mine), letters and countless other things was a thrill, and at some point I felt as though I had a deeper understanding of the man’s creative process.

Spotify and Brooklyn Museum have recently partnered up for a special David Bowie-themed exhibit at the Broadway Lafayette F,M, and D station, just a few blocks from where Bowie just lived. It’s been a popular destination for Bowie fans and commuters — for all the obvious reasons it should be. The other day, I made sure to stop at the Broadway Lafayette stop to see it and take photos. Check them out below.

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