Photography: Elmhurst and Clem’s

Caption: Rainbow coming from murky clouds, right over Long Island Expressway, near Queens Blvd.
Caption: Sunset over Queens Blvd.
Caption: The best kind of Guinness is more Guinness.
Caption: The worst kind of Guinness is none.

Lately, I’ve been taking my Canon 6D Mark II almost everywhere I go, and usually there’s something that winds up inspiring me and catching my eye — sometimes for something serious and other times as a joke. (The Guinness outside a table is a bit of a running joke to a Canadian friend, who’s currently in lockdown.) But in terms of this post, I was heading to Clem’s and noticed how weird the sky looked: it was murky and foreboding, like we were going to get a torrential rainstorm. And then off in the distance, a rainbow in the clouds. It was trippy.

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