Photography: Elmhurst, Queens Nyc

Photography: Elmhurst Queens NYC

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. Having dozens of jobs interviews and getting turned down endlessly is dispiriting and demoralizing — and naturally, it makes you reconsider what you’ve been doing all your life. The other day, I had needed to get out of my apartment but I had no idea where I was going or what I was going to do; I did have my Canon 6D Mark II on me because at this point, I randomly get inspired by something or another.

I wound up walking down Queens Blvd, towards the old Georgia Diner site to take at least one photo of the old Georgia Diner sign before it eventually gets torn down. Of course, i wound up taking a few other photos. Check them out below.

Caption: Nostalgia. The old Georgia Diner holds a lot of memories for those who live — and have lived — in Northern Queens. Guaranteed if you were like me, you stoped at their original location for a hearty breakfast before a trip or for a special occasion.
Caption: In It Together. Macy’s Furniture Store, Queens Plaza Mall, Elmhurst, Queens, NYC.
Caption: Rose, Lefrak City.