Photography: Felix Morelo Screaming Spot, Washington Square Park 11/10/22

I’m currently in Montreal, covering the 17th edition of M for Montreal. There’s a reason I was invited up — this site. So the JOVM show must continue as much as humanly possible while I’m covering the festival, networking and enjoying the food. As always, you will see tons of photos in all the various places . . .

Before I headed to Montreal, I had to run a couple of errands for some last minute items for the trip. including one that had me on the NYU campus for the first time in ages. Naturally, I had brought my camera with me and it lead to a lengthy afternoon walk on a warmer than usual early November afternoon and evening.

I decided to walk through Washington Square Park, one of the best parks for people watching in the entire city. And while walking through I kept seeing chalk circles of various sizes with the words “SCREAMING SPOT” scrawled inside of them. Local artist Felix Morelo has been drawing them and doing other chalk-based art in Washington Square Park for some time, now.

Honestly, I’m sure most of us could have used one of those screaming spots on a regular basis over the past handful of years.