Photography: Food: Khyber Pass Pub 5/1/22

Caption: Eggs Benedict. This was frankly fucking fantastic.
Caption: Khyber Pass’ Breakfast Sammy with sausage and egg. The sausage and egg were just so very fresh. And the cheese was a nice touch.
Caption: Grit Cakes. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a Grit Cake — and I have Southern family. But this was delicious while retaining the taste and texture of grits that I’m familiar with.
Caption: Banana Foster. My friend had it. I’ll have to bring my mom here for this because she loves sweet so much.

On the way back from Baltimore, it was decided that a stop in Philadelphia was necessary for brunch at Khyber Pass Pub — and a stop at Sonny’s for cheesesteaks for later. (Obviously, the best part of travel is the food, man. The food.)