Photography: Graffiti, Rego Park, Queens, NYC 8/14/22


Saturday night, a regular at Clem’s hosted his annual backyard party: He happens to have a backyard big enough to host 200 people — without it being cramped. I had a great time: A lot of my pals from Clem’s where there. I ran into the members of Reliant Tom and just had random conversations with a bunch of random, very nice folks that the host had invited. Understandably, I got home much later than I intended. Such is life.

Sunday, I got a little bit of a later start but as I was heading to 18th Ward Brewing for New Colossus Festival and 18th Ward Brewing’s Summer Sundays, I came across this bit of graffiti on a truck by the corner of 62nd Avenue and Queens Blvd. in Rego Park.