Photography: Lefrak City 1/25/22

Caption: Lefrak City courtyard at dusk.
Caption: These hydrangeas were gorgeous earlier this year. Now, they’re quite dead. The seasons pass as they always do, don’t they?

I’ve only mentioned this one Instagram: Lately, I’ve been struggling quite a bit. I haven’t left my apartment much. Some days, I haven’t bothered to get dressed or shower. If it wasn’t for the occasional video conference call or errand, I probably wouldn’t have gotten dressed at any point this year.

Late last year, I had two COVID-related scares at shows I had covered within about a month. And when Omicron came about, I really began to become even more skittish — and perhaps worry even more than normal — about my risk to my mother, who:

  • is a relatively recent cancer survivor
  • has a minor health issue that’s been treated with medication
  • is going to turn 70 this year

I feel as though it’s almost impossible to have a life: I can’t do the work I love without putting my dearest loved ones at risk. What do I do? So while I’ve been busy writing, I haven’t touched a camera in about two weeks — until the other day, when I had to go out to run an errand.

Let’s hope things get a bit better.