Photography: Lefrak City/Industry City

Caption: There’s a first for everything, right? This comes during a weird period of bad tech luck that included desperately having to replace a dead MacBook Pro. This though, was profoundly annoying. Thankfully, it’s still under warranty and Canon is currently fixing it.
Caption: Paper lanterns, Industry City, Sunset Park, Brooklyn. These were taken with my 77D after dropping the 6D Mark II at Abel Cine, who sent it down to Canon’s repair center in Virginia.

Earlier this month, I had wandered out to my local Starbucks to get out of my apartment for a bit. I go through this routine where I’m constantly changing backpacks for various reasons: If I’m shooting a show or I have a gig, I’d normally take both my Canon 6D Mark II and my Canon 77D. If I’m going on a photo walk, I want to go as light as possible; so I’ll bring just my 6D Mark II. If I know I’m not shooting anything whatsoever, I’ll bring an entirely different bag. Makes sense, right? Occasionally, I get lazy and just keep carrying the same bag for days on end.

On this particular day, I packed everything into the same backpack I had been carrying around for a good week or two. I had my MacBook, all of the assorted plugs, chargers, dongles and all of that. Plus, I had my 6D Mark II because — well, you never know. As I’m walking to the Starbucks, I pull out the camera to take a picture. And the next thing I know, the LCD screen is upside down and won’t move.

I download new firmware. Still stuck. I tried to get into the menu screen, but the back buttons won’t work. Awesome. I googled some quick fixes; some included taking the thing apart. That wasn’t going to happen. I called Canon and they told me that I needed to send it in for repair. As it turned out, they have a relatively new drop off location in Industry City, Abel Cine. Thankfully, the camera is still under warranty — for another month.

The next day, I went down to Abel Cine to drop off my 6D Mark II for repair. I’m down to my old 77D but I should get my 6D Mark II by the end of this month/beginning of March. Fingers crossed, right?