Photography: Love’s h|Edge 2/22/23

This past weekend I was busy covering the fourth edition of The New Colossus Festival. I managed to cover roughly 32.5 — 32.5! — sets of music in some way or another and interview two up-and-coming artists. And for my efforts, I managed to catch a terrible cold that has knocked me on my ass. Such is life. But I’ve managed to have the energy here and there to work on a few things.

Last month, a dear photographer friend and I went around town to take photos of a handful of illuminated art installations. Our second stop of the night was Times Square to see Love’s h|Edge.

Created by Brooklyn-based design group Almost Studio, Love’s h|Edge won the 15th Annual Times Square Love & Design Competition. Featuring a playful configuration of four heart-shaped hedge rows meant to encourage discovery and reflection, the installation invited visitors to wander through hidden pathways, rose-filled trellises and heart-shaped interior spaces dubbed “Pitter-Patios.” Intentionally designed to leverage “the theatricality of landscape design, the maze-like installation, becomes a stage for exploration, play, and chance encounters.”

While it was up last month, every day at 1:00pm, Times Square Arts and Almost Studio staged a free dedication of freshly cut roses. Visitors are then invited to “Fill Up the Heart, ” by adding their flowers to the trellises of the Pitter-Patios as a personal acknowledgement and act of love. (I didn’t see that when I visited. But people did stop in to take pictures — with the hopes of posting on Instagram. Hell, I did it, too!)