Photography: Lower East Side

Last week High Waisted frontwoman Jessica Louise Dye invited me to her solo debut single release party at Ludlow House. Naturally, I brought my Canon 6D Mark II in the event that something might catch my eye. I also knew that Ludlow House over the past handful of years have gotten particularly uptight about photography and I didn’t expect to shoot much of anything in the building; but . . . I was surreptitious enough to not get caught. Take that, exclusive club! Of course, there were other things in the neighborhood that caught my eye. Photos below.

Caption: There’s something about disco balls and how they capture light that always fascinates me. Plus who doesn’t love disco balls, right?
Caption: Danielle Mastrion‘s Beastie Boys mural is at the location where they shot the album cover — and was painted to celebrate the album’s 25th anniversary. MCA forever! Beastie Boys forever!
Caption: Delancey Street and Essex Street J, M, F and Z station.