Photography: New Colossus Festival’s Summer Sundays at 18th Ward Brewing: Finn Returns

Co-founded by three New York music industry vets and longtime friends, Lorimer Beacon‘s founder and head Mike Bell, Kanine Records‘ founder and label head Lio Kanine and Kepler Events and Dedstrange Records co-founder Steven Matrick, The New Colossus Festival over the course of the past couple of years have featured a few hundred handpicked, emerging indie bands and artists from across Canada, the UK, the European Union, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the States. 

By design the festival normally takes place about a week or so before SXSW; the festival’s co-founders have long viewed New Colossus as a pre-SXSW stopover that will give its lineups an opportunity to organically gain exposure, while filling a critical void in the city’s festival circuit. 

Obviously, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Colossus wasn’t able to happen as scheduled last year, but New Colossus and 18th Ward Brewing hosted a live, outdoor concert series featuring local and regional acts at the brewery’s Bushwick location. 

New Colossus occurred as scheduled after a pandemic-induced hiatus. More on that later. The outdoor concert series started its second summer back in May — and although I haven’t been to every single one, I’ve been to a handful so far. (Admittedly, I’ve been incredibly busy over the past few months and I’m very behind on my photo editing.)

The other day I was at 18th Ward Brewing for yet another Summer Sunday showcase and Finn, the Dalmatian puppy and his human stopped by and hung out for a little bit. Finn seems to be a little model and seems to understand what to do in front of a camera. So more pictures of Finn — because puppies.