Photography: Reflections, 59th Street Bridge

Sunday was a very weird day: I had gone out with the idea of shooting New Colossus Festival’s Summer Sunday Showcase at 18th Ward Brewing. The Q59 was over 20 minutes late. Once I got on the bus at 12:40 — a full 40 minutes after I had left my apartment, we wound up getting held up by Maspeth’s Memorial Day Parade.

Unbelievably, the MTA somehow didn’t announce a delay notification — and they didn’t re-route the buses because of the parade for several others. I never got to 18th Ward. It essentially took me two hours to 69th Street and Grand Avenue. (I’ve actually been on shorter flights!)

So I walked back but I made a stop at The Grandstand to watch part of Yankees vs. Rays game before heading home. I texted a friend and we decided we were going to head out to catch Manhattanhenge, a trippy phenomenon in which the setting sun lines up with the Manhattan grid. (More on that later.)

We were heading back when I managed to get a picture of the reflection from the passenger side window while on the 59th Street Bridge. (I’m a native Queens boy. It’s never the Queensboro or Ed Koch or whatever they’re trying to con people into calling it.)