Photography: Springtime in Quarantined New York Part 11

Photography: Springtime in Quarantined New York Part 11

Yesterday, I was desperate to get out of the apartment. I was bored and was sick of looking at my four walls, so at the last minute, I decided to go for a brief walk with my camera — and with the hope that I might come across something interesting.  Because it was so last minute, I wound up walking towards Queens Blvd. and then up 63rd Drive, past Austin Street.

Since it was a relatively short walk, the playlist was centered around Goldfrapp‘s gorgeous and cinematic Tales of Us. Check out the playlist and some photos below.

New Yorkers typically have a vitriol-fueled relationship with the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) but this sign, which I came across at the 63rd Drive M and R station has been the first time that I saw anyone thanking the countless workers at the MTA for keeping the city running during the pandemic. I’m not sure how John Lennon fits into the equation but sure, let’s imagine a new and better future for all of us.
This leftover bottle of wine seen by the Long Island Expressway underpass at Junction Blvd. and Horace Harding Expressway was sad and infuriating. I mean who would leave a bottle of wine like that? And what was anyone supposed to do with it? Pick it up and drink it? Ugh! What a waste!
This was seen at PS 139 on 63rd Drive. Yes, now is the time for tolerance. And we probably need it more than ever.


This photo and the photo above it are part of a larger display that takes up both sides of the Long Island Railroad underpass at 63rd Drive and Austin Street: one side is a playful and childlike mural depicting birds in flight and Mary Poppins-like little girls with umbrellas; the other side of the street features artwork from local artists.


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