Photography: Springtime in Quarantined New York Part 12

Photography: Springtime in Quarantined New York Part 12

Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic back in mid-March, I’ve only been on public transportation once — back when I started this series. So without my own transportation, I’m generally limited to the neighborhoods of Corona, Forest Hills, Rego Park, Elmhurst, and at the furthest maybe Sunnyside, if I feel up to it. Usually, I don’t. Plus, places with public bathrooms aren’t really a thing at the moment — and I sincerely doubt they’ll be a thing for a while.

In the handful of instances I’ve left Queens since the pandemic started, I’ve managed to get a ride. Of course, I’m grateful for those occasions it has happened. Most of the Manhattan portions of this series wouldn’t have been possible. (Shoutouts to this relatively new but very interesting Instagram account: The City That Slumbers for the assistance.)

Memorial Day Weekend 2020 has been a memorable one — and for all the wrong reasons: 100,000+ Americans have died from COVID-19 as a result of the criminal and cartoonish malfeasance, incompetence and venality of the Trump Administration. The economic gains we’ve managed post 2007-2008 economic collapse have disappeared in a matter of two months. 38 million+ Americans are unemployed and millions more are worried about how they’re going to keep rent over their heads and food on their plates. Things are dire for so many — and the desire for a little of escape has been so urgent.

Saturday, I got a ride and we made several stops across town for photographs, which began with a stop at my beloved regular bar, Clem’s, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and a lookout point off the Belt Parkway, near the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. Check out photos from the afternoon and evening below.

Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge Park at the golden hour. Interestingly enough, the bridge celebrated the 137th anniversary of its opening this past weekend, if I remember it correctly. Of course, the picure looks towards, the Southeast, towards Lower Manhattan in the background and the East River in the the foreground. The setting sun is glittering  off the Freedoom Tower and through the Manhattan tower of the bridge. It’s a breathtaking sight isn’t it?


Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge Park. In both  pictures,  you can see glimpses of the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan at the golden hour.
#COVIDbeatdown. First time that I’ve personally seen that. And it’s fitting.
Zeus here is a good boy. He was a being a bit shy with another photographer, but I caught him at the right moment — just as he was looking in  my direction. Zeus needs belly rubs and treats doesn’t he? And a stick.
This one appeared on the pillar of the BQE Underpass at Meeker Avenue and Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Certainly, in these desperate times, those who believe will be begging God to save us.


IMG_0005 IMG_0002


Many New Yorkers will agree with this sentiment.
Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, as seen from a lookout/parking lot on the side of the Belt Parkway. The reds, pinks and purples as the sun was finally setting was gorgeous. Admittedly, it was a little scary to take pictures here because, there was a narrow triangle sort of area that marked off the parking lot and highway and cars were speeding by.  I was briefly reminded that while things are dire, there are plenty of things that still continue as they always do.

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