Photography: Springtime in Quarantined New York

Photography: Springtime in Quarantined New York

For the better part of the past month, most New Yorkers have been self-isolating and observing social distancing to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Because I have a loved one, who’s in the high risk category, I’ve been exceedingly careful, spending much of my time inside to ensure that I don’t manage catching something that would put her at risk.

With most of my days falling into a consistent and seemingly unending routine, my sense of time  — in terms of when things have actually happened — has blurred. Lately, other than my late father’s birthday (March 20) and my birthday (March 28), there hasn’t been anything of any particular note that has happened. But last week, I went with for a walk in my neighborhood with my camera — and if there was one thing that I personally took from the walk it was this: things are unfathomably bleak and dire but it’s still Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. We may be dropping like flies, but the flowers and trees will still bloom.


Quarantine — but make it fashion.
I Heart NY. Forever and ever, too.


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An uncommonly desolate Queens Blvd. between 63rd Drive and 64th Avenue.