Photography: Stranger Things Pop Up Store

The other day, I was supposed to attend a taping of a famous talk show. I had my camera and my camera bag because I wanted to take more photos of Central Park in the fall — and the park wasn’t very far from where I was going to meet a friend for the taping. When we got there, we found out that having backpacks were an issue. And I was uncomfortable with attempting to have a hotel watch my Canon 6D Mark II.

So, we wound up not going to the taping and being forced to make impromptu plans. But after a couple of drinks, we wound up stopping at the Stranger Things Store on 42nd Street. As fans of the show, it was fun. Plus, there’s a couple of free video game machines. (I had forgotten how stupid and frustrating Ms. Pac Man is a game. At some point, I wanted to kick the da machine.)