Photography: Summer in Quarantined New York Part 14

Photography: Summer in Quarantined New York, Part 14

Back in 2003 or so, I met this attractive and very blonde German girl at a coworker’s party in Williamsburg. She was working for Lufthansa as a flight attendant, and if I remember it correctly, she was actually heading back home the next night. We chatted for quite a bit and we exchanged emails. At some point, we wound up connecting through social media and we kept in touch a bit through the next few years.

Six years ago, I was about to embark on a business trip to Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany for the annual Frankfurt Book Fair. Although, we didn’t chat a whole lot, I sent her a note letting her know I’d be in Frankfurt for eight days and that if she were free, I’d love to catch up for a drink. I eventually met up with her and her then boyfriend for a wild night that started at their regular bar, where we had beers and peach schnapps., a Frankfurt staple; then we went to a Munich-styled bar, where me and her then boyfriend stole the massive beer steins; and the night ended with the three us at a Irish bar on the ironically named Berliner Street, talking about politics until my friend wound up nodding out in the bar. It was that kind of night.

When I think of this friend, I often think of walking through Frankfurt’s Haupwatche with holes in my shoes, longing for a face like mine in the crowd and seeing her face, a familiar and friendly face, when I was such a foreigner. So yesterday was her birthday and she had a small gathering of friends at her friend’s apartment.

I got a ride there and I had taken some pictures — it was unexpected that it would happen but some really interesting things caught my eye.

Alfred Hitchcock and Biggie with some birds — a crow for Hitchcock, a pigeon for Biggie.
There was a brief, late night stop at Gantry Plaza State Park on a lovely, fall-like late summer night. I also have a lifelong obsession with neon and how it’s rendered in photos.
This inquisitive and adorable little one was given a ride to her (hopefully) forever home.

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