Photography: Summer in Quarantined New York Part 6

Photography: Summer in Quarantined New York Part 6

I haven’t been going for as many walks as I was earlier this year. We’ve had a couple of heatwaves over the past few weeks that has made the idea of walking around — even if it’s to shoot — highly unpleasant. And I haven’t felt all that inspired. I’ve pretty much photographed all the interesting things I could in the neighborhood and until I feel safe enough to take public transportation any significant distance, I’m stuck with what I can reasonably walk to, unless the occasional ride comes up. Most of those rides have been with my mom for her various medical appointments.

There’s a couple of bars on Austin Street in Forest Hills that have surprisingly good food — and when I’ve been somewhat bored, I’ve gone up that way for beers and to be out and about. Of course, I usually bring my camera to take some shots if I find myself getting inspired. Check out some photos below.

IMG_0017 IMG_0011

IMG_0010 IMG_0014

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