Photography: The Black and White Project Revisited, Day 15: April 13, 2016

Photography: The Black and White Project Revisited, Day 15: April 13, 2016

I was with C and her coworker and friend Ch in Washington Square Park for the Bernie Sanders pre-Democractic Primary Debate rally and concert, and I can tell you that as a native New Yorker I don’t think I’ve ever felt the kind of buzz I felt from people waiting patiently for several hours on lines stretching 3 or 4 blocks away from the park, just to her Senator Sanders; nor can I say that I’ve seen or been around as many people in Washington Square Park as I was the other night. Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of Senator Sanders — I was way too far away to get anything worthwhile and there were way too many heads in front of me to even attempt it. Still, I was there with about 40,000 friends, neighbors and curious onlookers and of course, I managed to at least take pictures of people whenever I could.

April 13 2016 (1) (Photo Caption: This is the corner of West 3rd Street and LaGuardia Place, near NYU‘s Bobst Library and the Kimmmel Center at around 5:25pm or so. Although we all had cell phones, when I saw this particular sight, I was a little despondent that I’d ever catch up with C and Ch at all. Luckily, we did a little while later.) April 13 2016 (2)

April 13 2016 (3) (Photo Caption: Walking against a surging tide of people, I finally caught up with and Ch, and I noticed that C had this really cool Bernie 2016 button that caught my attention.) April 13 2016 (4)

April 13 2016 (5) (Photo Caption: As the line slowly started to move, we caught these adorable and hopeful students. C later told me that, the young man in the Bernie print t-shirt was apparently quite popular with its popular with the press and photographers as he was mentioned in a number of articles.) April 13 2016 (6)

(Photo Caption: This man and his friend, right behind him were quite a bit of fun and they managed to make quite a few people smile as they happily gave people hugs and told me that they loved them.)

April 13 2016 (7) April 13 2016 (7a)

(Photo Caption: As C and I were walking about of Washington Square Park and eventually on to West 3rd Street, I came across this young man and quickly flagged him down for these two pictures. There’s something about how he posed with the police headlights behind him that make it seem as urgent as the photos from Occupy Wall Street.)

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