Photography: The Black and White Project Revisited, Days 32-41: May 3, 2016-May 12, 2016

Photography: The Black and White Project Revisited, Days 32-41: May 3, 2016-May 12, 2016

It’s been quite some time since the last Black and White Project post, and interestingly as I was editing the photos for this post I realized that the project was quickly coming to an end soon.  And considering that the original project took place over the course of 487 days, having the project come to an end so soon seems to be a bit bittersweet. But all things come to an end right?

IMG-0576 (Photo Caption: As I was walking up Sixth Avenue on an unusually early April-like May evening, I came across the marquee of the IFC Theatre, who have been screening Prince’s Purple Rain as a tribute to the man’s music and life.) IMG-0577

(Photo Caption: Perhaps it was because of the weather, but on this particular evening the chess tables were the emptiest I’ve seen them in quite some time, and it gave Washington Square Park an eerie feel.)

IMG-0578 (Photo Caption: Donald Eres Un Pendejo — indeed, he is.) IMG-0582

(Photo Caption: How about a selfie in Washington Square Park, eh?)

IMG-0583 IMG-0584

IMG-0585 IMG-0586

IMG-0587 (Photo Caption: After a late night in which I got caught up with some blog work, I desperately needed some food before heading off to a birthday get together at Baby’s All Right. C suggested that I should stop at Hello Bklyn — and it was absolutely worth it. Dope music and really good food. Plus some cool artwork as you’ll above.) IMG-0588

(Photo Caption: A glittering disco ball at Baby’s All Right.)

IMG-0589 (Photo Caption: This American flag hangs in the back of my regular bar, right above the DJ area.) IMG-0590

(Photo Caption: I think we all have to agree with Lady Liberty, right?)

IMG-0640 IMG-0641

IMG-0744 (Photo Caption: Pioneering shoegazer act The Veldt performing at Webster Hall earlier this week.


IMG-0804 IMG-0812


(Photo Caption: Anton Newcombe and The Brian Jonestown Massacre performing at Webster Hall earlier this week.) IMG-0923

(Photo Caption: It’s always a pleasure to see a Hornschar work whenever I’m wandering around town as thy end up quoting something profound or downright beautiful.)

IMG-0925 (Photo Caption: Skateboarders in Washington Square Park.) IMG-0926

(Photo Caption: Ah, the alma mater!)
IMG-0927 IMG-0929


(Photo Caption: Juggler in Washington Square Park; it helped that this particular evening was the first sunny evening in about two weeks.) IMG-0932

IMG-0933 IMG-0935

(Photo Caption: A member of the Class of 16 hula hooping in Washington Square Park.)


(Photo Caption: On this particular day, I wasn’t feeling all that great and needed a photo, hence the bedside selfie.)

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