Photography: Times Square 9/14/21

Photography: Times Square 9/14/21

I spent seven-and-half years working at AMACOM Books, as an Editorial Assistant and Acquisitions Editor. And although I left in 2014, I kept in touch with many of my former coworkers: One of my coworkers there I’ve been friends with for almost 15 years. My former boss has become a dear friend, sounding board and mentor. I’d see both of those women periodically over the years for a number of occasions.

When the company, a division of the American Management Association was sold to a HarperCollins, a couple of folks decided to have regularly occurring get togethers at the bar across the street from our old office. Because of the pandemic, I haven’t seen many of those folks in some time. As I was writing this, it occurred to me, that the last time I saw my former boss was in November 2019, a few days before I went to cover M for Montreal.

It was great to see folks I haven’t seen in years. I also got to see pictures of kids growing up. Of course that makes you start to realize that the time has flown by and you’re getting older. But still adorable.

Afterwards, I wandered around a bit for some photos — because why not?

Caption: Chess players in Times Square. Just a few feet from these brothers, was a wannabe “It’s Showtime!” crew, who seemed to take forever to do tricks — or maybe I was just impatient.
Caption: Blue, Good Morning America Studios.
Caption: Picture in picture.
Caption: Subway art reminding us that we are alive. Yes, are we.