Photos: A Random Saturday Night

A couple of weeks ago, I had a tentative plan to cover at least one set, if not two in completely different parts of town; however, that didn’t happen. Long story short, my dear friend C and I met another friend in Park Slope, and we wound up getting so caught up in a fun conversation, drinks and food that we all lost time. But I had my camera and I was feeling randomly inspired to shoot stuff that caught my eye at the moment, and to be honest I’d prefer shooting with my camera than shooting with an iPhone camera; even if it’s my relatively new iPhone 6S. (What can I say? I’m picky.)


(Photo Caption:  At this point of the night, C and I were sitting in Clem’s, the “headquarters,” when she pulled a pint of Guinness over to take a picture to Instagram the fuck out of. Sadly, the first few pictures were coming out too darkly — that is until I pulled a candle over for some more light. We were both intrigued by how this particular pint of Guinness looked reflected in our candlelight. Plus, well — Guinness. )


(Photo Caption: Since I started frequenting Clem’s a couple of years ago, this sign has been something of a beacon for me. I always know that I’ll run into some friends, have some great conversation over a bunch of things and drink way too much Guinness before running out of the bar to catch the Q59 back to Queens. I’ve also been long obsessed with home neon light looks — although it might look even better in black and white.)