Sean Ragon, the founding member of the Brooklyn-based band Cult of Youth has been active in the east coast, DIY punk, industrial and experimental scenes for the past 15 years or so, while running a record store and a record label – Heaven Street and Blind Prophet Records, respective. But Ragon may be best known for his current project, Cult of Youth, which he originally started as a solo project about 7 years ago. 

Over the last few years, Ragon recruited the assistance of Jasper McGandy (bass), Christian Kount (guitar), Cory Flannigan (drums) and Paige Flash (cello) to further flesh out the band’s rather unique sound; in fact, the members of the band have claimed that their forthcoming third effort, Final Days is their “post-industrial Pet Sounds” as the band continues to use both traditional rock instrumentation with electronics, found sounds and tribal-inspired rhythms. 

Interestingly, “Empty Factions” the latest single from the album manages to mesh elements of old school punk, post punk and noise rock in a way that sounds both familiar and alien – and in some way, it sounds a lot like Ex Cult covering Joy Division. Every time I’ve played the song I’ve been confused as to if I want to mosh or sway about under a trance. Maybe i can do both?