Simon Spire at Plan A Media PR 11/15/12

Plan A Media PR, a New York-based PR firm who works with artists as Bebe Winans, Rondi Charleston, Mary Mary, and Bob Seeger recently invited some local members of the media and bloggers for what may be the first of a series of intimate performance sessions in their offices. Of course, it’s designed to introduce members of the press to a new artist of note. In this case, it was Simon Spire, a charming New Zealander who’s recently relocated to Brooklyn. Spire’s work has been praised by the likes of PopmattersPerformer Magazine,, MTVu, and across the blogosphere. His latest album, Four Letter Words has been praised internationally, and it recently saw it’s Stateside release. 

Backed by a bassist and a percussionist, Spire played a short set – if I remember it correctly it was 4 or 5 songs – of acoustic versions of material from Four Letter Words and what I can tell you is that the songs, which show a pop sensibility, are incredibly well-written, at times thought-provoking. “Uncomfortable,” has received a lot of attention, and a stripped down version of the song makes you really pay attention to the lyrics, as well as to the fact that he has an uncanny ability to write a catchy hook. 

For these photos and a few more from Simon Spire’s set, check out the Flickr set here: