Skerik  (saxophone), John Medeski (keyboards) and Adam Deitch (drums) have all been vital and important figures in contemporary, experimental jazz. Skerik, who’s been a member of renowned acts such as Garage A Trois, Critters Buggin, Les Claypool’s Fancy Band, Frog Brigade and others, has not only collaborated with the likes of Mike Dillon, Marco Benevento, Les Claypool and others, he’s developed a reputation for playing both tenor and baritone saxophone with a variety of loops and other electronic effects. John Medeski is best known for his work in renowned downtown jazz act Medeski, Martin and Wood, as well as MMW’s efforts with John Scofield. Adam Deitch is the up-and-comer of the trio but he’s already had a rather renowned career as he’s collaborated with Ledisi, John Scofield and Fitty. And the trio of musicians have collaborated together in a project that they’ve dubbed DRKWAV

“DARKWAVE” the first song off the trio’s forthcoming debut effort The Purge is an extremely cinematic composition comprised of layers of shimmering and buzzing synths, ominously swirling electronics, rapid-fire four-on-the-floor drums, and horn blasts that seemingly come out of the ether.  The track manages to be trippy, funky and utterly strange – and in many ways it feels as though it should be part of the soundtrack of a psychedelic yet dystopian sci-fi picture.