Some Random Hurricane Sandy Aftermath Photos

Superstorm Sandy has wreaked havoc on the New York metropolitan area, with South Jersey getting the brunt of it, as you are perhaps more than aware. Of course, despite it all many of us have been desperate to get back to our routines – and I think that stems from the fact that among New Yorkers there’s a general impatience over any inconvenience. In typical fashion for me (as a native New Yorker, no less), I was out and about town and luckily I had forgotten that I had my camera with me, which allowed me to capture a couple of random and interesting things. 

Friday night, I was with a dear friend and we wound up stopping at a couple of bars – Feile on 33rd Street near her office and because we were curious, we wanted to try to walk into the blackout zone below 29th Street, just to say that we experienced. But we were mildly disappointed and surprised by the fact that on the west side of Manhattan there was power. But it allowed it for a visit at Smithfield’s where I ran into two of my bartender friends from Nice Guy Eddie’s. They were both without power and although a bit annoyed by that, they were alive and well. While chatting with both of my friends, I found out that another Ed’s regular, who lived out in the Rockaways lost everything from the storm – he was lucky enough to escape with the clothes on his back and his dog. Hearing that news was a rather upsetting way to end a night. 

Naturally, I had to make sure that my friend got to a shuttle bus to Brooklyn, and that required us to walk crosstown. And as we approached Lexington, and started to walk north, we approached the remaining blackout zone – starting westward at around 5th Avenue and going as far east as the East River, and extending from roughly East 30th Street to West 40th was total darkness, illuminated only by flares set off by NYPD, the flashlights or cell phones of pedestrians, buses and cars. It was by far the weirdest thing I had ever seen.

The Empire State Building was illuminated as it always is, which also created a surreal background to the rest of the darkened area. 

One of the flares that managed to illuminate the streets. 

Looking south on Lexington. Yep, seriously.

Those lights are off of a Brooklyn-bound shuttle bus. 

A couple of days later, I was in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn when I was shown a cab that was crushed by a fallen tree. 


As you see, the this tree was yanked out by it’s roots from the concrete. 

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