Super Bowl Blvd.

Super Bowl 48 has taken over much of midtown Manhattan with activities and promotions for a 13 block stretch down Broadway, and since my office is a block away from what the NFL dubbed “Super Bowl Blvd.,” I checked it out on a couple of occasions. However, as a native New Yorker it was a living nightmare with crowds of people walking way too slowly for me. Still, it was quite a sight and I took a few pictures while walking around. 

The Fox Football Robot, by the Fox Sports Studios on the corner of West 47th Street and Broadway. What was really impressive is that their studio, which was built to have a view of Broadway and Times Square below, is roughly five or six stories high. 

Apparently, the NFL has a cartoon for kids, with each of the team’s logos as pint-sized super heroes. 

Field goal kicking at West 46th Street. 

Giants kicker, Steve Weatherford as he was being interviewed by WPIX 11 News. It may be difficult to tell from the picture but the man is probably one of the most cut men I’ve ever seen. 

The Vince Lombardi Trophy.  You could line up for a photo with the trophy – but you couldn’t touch it or anything as it was enclosed in glass. I actually have a picture kissing the Stanley Cup, and it incredible. I just think it’s shameful on the NFL’s part. 

People lined up to take pictures in front of the Roman numerals. 

The toboggan ride. Sadly, I never got a chance to ride it – I tried to go the one day this week it wasn’t 15 degrees and the tickets had been sold out almost 4 hours before they would shut down for the night. What a disappointment. In any case, as you might be able to tell the slide was about six stories high. 

As much as they wanted to force the issue of “Super Bowl Blvd.,” i just couldn’t do it. It’s West 38th and Broadway, NFL. The end.

I have to admit that the toboggan ride at night was a gorgeous sight to see. 

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