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Throughout the course of this site’s nine-plus yer history, I’ve written quit a bit about the Brooklyn-based electro pop act denitia and sene. And as you may recall, the act won the attention of the blogosphere for a unique sound that paired Brian “sene” Marc’s hyper-modern and slick production work, which effortlessly meshed elements of electro pop, hip-hop, funk. minimalist electronica, underground and avant-garde pop and neo soul with Denitia Odgie‘s soulful yet ethereal vocals.

The duo’s full-length debut his & hers was a critical and commercial success — the album landed in the Top 10 of iTunes R&B Charts, and the duo were profiled in the New York Times, for their participation in a forward-thinking Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist collective and living space. After the release of their debut, the duo had been busy with individual creative pursuits — Marc was a part of the cast of  Netflix‘s Luke Cage, has starred alongside Emma Roberts in Nerve and a lead role in White Girl while Odigie’s solo recording project ADESUWA received attention after the release of the Air Light EP and the project’s full-length debut.

Their sophomore effort, 2016’s love and noir featured album singles “open wide,” a swooning love song centered around a seemingly chilly and subtly industrial production and “favorite” a shimmering and airy song that evoked the happy sigh of waking up next to a lover after you’ve just made love. Although it’s been a while since I’ve written about the longtime JOVM mainstays or their individual projects, Odigie has been busy writing and recording the material off her forthcoming solo album Touch of the Sky. Written as a cinematic ode to nostalgia and the alchemy of love, the album’s material was produced largely from 6am sessions from Odigie’s beachfront studio.

Touch of the Sky‘s third and latest single “Place To Be” follows the release of “Where You Go” and “Waves,” both of which received placement on Spotify’s Indie Stage playlist and Shazam‘s official The Best New Music playlist on Apple Music. Additionally, “Waves” caught attention from Refinery 29, who placed the song on their New Music To Know This Week round-up. The slow-burning “Place To Be” is centered around denitia’s tender and aching vocals, atmospheric synths, and thumping beats.  Interestingly, the new track bears more of a resemblance to the cinematic and aching pop of JOVM mainstay ACES — while being inspired by the bittersweet loneliness that frequently sets in during the aftermath of a tumultuous affair.





New Video: JOVM Mainstay denitia and sene Return with Slick Visuals Paired With Their Slick, Hyper- Modern Sound

Up until recently, it had been some time since we had heard from the duo, as Odigie and Marc had been busy with individual creative pursuits: Marc has gotten into acting, as he’s part of the cast of Netflix‘s Luke Cage, has starred alongside Emma Roberts in Nerve and a had lead role in White Girl while Odigie’s solo recording project ADESUWA received attention after the release of the Air Light EP earlier this year. Interestingly, the duo found the time to write and recored the material that would comprise their sophomore effort love and noir. Now, as you might remember, last month I wrote about love and noir’s second single open wide,” a single that paired a chilly and subtly industrial production with a swooning and sultry sensuality. The album’s third single “favorite” consisted of a sleek, super contemporary production that dipped and swooned and evoked waking up next to a lover, after making love.

The album’s fourth and latest single “alone” pairs Odigie’s ethereal cooing with an industrial house-leaning production that consists of stuttering drum programming, swirling electronics and a swooning hook; however, unlike the preceding singles, “alone” may arguably be the moodiest and wistful single they’ve released to date — and in some way, the song possess a stubborn resolve that says “yes, I’m alone but I have my dignity and respect — and that’s more than enough.”

New Video: JOVM Mainstays denitia and sene Return with Slick Visuals for Their Genre Mashing Single “open wide”

denitia and sene’s latest single “open wide” pairs enormous, tweeter and woofer rocking beats, wobbling synths and industrial clang and clatter with Odigie’s ethereal cooing — and while being somewhat chilly and industrial, the song possesses a sultry sensuality as its narrator is spends her time swooning over her object of attention and love. The duo’s latest single will cement their burgeoning reputation for crafting earnest, hook driven pop that’s equally coquettish.

The recently released music video was directed by Brian Mac and was edited by Nolan Theis and features the duo shot in almost heavenly white backgrounds brooding and being flirtatious and employs the use of slick split screens, pulsating lights and other effects.