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New Video: Green Buzzard Releases Trippy and Feverish Visuals for Anthemic “I Don’t Want To Be Alone”

Sydney, Australia-based singer/songwriter and guitarist Paddy Harrowsmith is the creative mastermind behind the up-and-coming indie rock project Green Buzzard. His latest single, the Dave Sitek-produced “I Don’t Want To Be Alone” is the first bit of new material from the Aussie singer/songwriter and guitarist in over two years — and interestingly, the song finds Harrowsmith dialing back the feedback in favor of a more direct, cleaner sound. 

Centered around a seemingly simple arrangement of strummed guitar, Harrowsmith’s plaintive vocals and an infectious power chord-driven hook within a classic grunge rock song structure of quiet verse, loud chorus, quiet verse, the song interestingly enough was inspired by an eclectic array of influences including The La’s, Lana Del Rey, The Church and A$AP Rocky. “A similarity between all of these artists was a sense of space in the music, a “less is more” approach which myself and Dave tried to emulate as best we could by not over doing anything,” Harrowsmith explains in press notes. And while seemingly an upbeat summer anthem, the song as Harrowsmith says in press notes “is about breaking up with someone and weighing up whether or not it’s worthy trying to fix things — knowing deep down, it’s ultimately better to move on but selfishly not wanting to be alone.” 

Directed by Carley Solethe, the recently released video for “I Don’t Want To Be Alone” starts off with Harrowsmith sitting along at a picnic for two in the desert. Eventually, he’s picked up by two off-road vehicles, that speed off into the night — and yet throughout there’s the sense that Harrowsmith is perpetually alone. 


With the release of the attention grabbing single “Rose Coloured Glasses” off their debut EP, Melbourne, Australia-based indie rock quintet Smoke Rings saw a rapidly growing national profile, thanks to airplay and praise from Triple J‘s Richard Kingsmill and Dom Alessio, along with airplay on Triple J’s sister station Double J and community radio stations. Adding to a growing profile, the band has played shows with a number of nationally recognized bands in their homeland including Northeast Party HouseMoses Gunn Collective, Green Buzzard, Jarrow and Good Boy — and they have upcoming tour dates with Siamese and Ali Barter throughout September and October.


Produced by Malcolm Besley, who has worked with City Calm Down and The Creases, the Aussie quintet’s latest single “Happiness” off their double A side 7 inch “Go To Hell” will further cement their reputation in Oz for crating anthemic, power chord-based, Brit Pop-inspired tunes, complete with the same sort of swaggering bombast and bitter irony.  And while being warmly familiar — the track will remind some folks of Blur, Oasis and others — the Melbourne-based quintet have a subtle yet unique take to it, as the song carries an earnest yearning within its core.