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Earlier this year, I wrote about Orlando, FL-based trio Kinder Than Wolves and their wistful and moody shoegazer rock single “Hazel Days,” a single that sounded as though it could have been released back in 1983 — with the exception of a subtly modern studio sheen. That should be unsurprising as the trio, comprised of Paige Coley (vocals, guitar), Ryan Snow (guitar), and Grant Freeman (drums) are all audio engineers, who made the process of writing and recording their debut EP Mean Something an entirely DIY and collaborative effort, as the EP was produced, engineered and mixed by Coley in the band’s home studio. “Hover,” Mean Something‘s latest single will further cement the trio’s growing reputation for crafting a sound that’s indebted to 120 Minutes-era alternative rock and indie rock as shimmering guitar chords played through gentle amounts of reverb, thundering and propulsive drumming are paired with Coley’s ethereal cooing seemingly floating over the instrumentation — while lyrically, the song is arguably one of the more introspective songs the trio have released to date as the song focuses on the innermost thoughts of a narrator reflecting on an ambivalent and confusing relationship.