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Lyric Video: The Moody and Anthemic Post Pop Sound of London’s Keroscene

With the release of “I Can’t Do A Thing,” and several other singles, the London-based post-punk/indie rock quartet Keroscene — comprised of David Troster, Edd Wilding, Francesco Bond, and Jake Sorbie — received praise from the likes of Q Magazine and have had material land on Spotify’s Hot New Bands and Fresh Finds: Six Strings playlists for an ethereal yet brooding sound that draws from post-punk, shoegaze and Brit Pop; however, the quartet’s latest single “Feel Like The First Time” possesses a much darker, moodier feel as the song beings with tribal drumming-based slow-burning, lurching and atmospheric dirge, layers of slashing and shimmering guitar chords before picking up the pace with four-on-the-floor drumming for the song’s anthemic and soaring hook. And it’s all held together by a propulsive groove.

As the members of the band explain in press notes “With all our modern distractions and the need to be constantly connected, people have grown uncomfortable with being by themselves, alone in silence. We may all belong to our society and feel the need to connect with others but ultimately, you will leave just as you came in; by yourself.” And as a result, the song suggests a couple of things — that loneliness is a part of human life; and that accepting it and being content with it is critical to achieving true understanding and contentedness. Interestingly, the recently released lyric video is carefully and deliberately opaque, suggesting our smallness, loneliness and vulnerability in the face of a cruel and indifferent universe.