Tag: MOTSA Petrichor feat. Sophie Lindinger

New Video: The Thoughtful and Gorgeous Sounds and Visuals of MOTSTA’s “Petrichor” featuring Sophie Lindinger

Dittrich’s latest single and EP title track “Petrichor” is a gorgeous and moody production in which Sophie Lindinger’s breathily ethereal and aching vocals are paired with a contemporary and slick production consisting of twinkling keys, layers of shimmering and buzzing synths, ominously swirling electronics, stuttering yet tweeter and woofer-rattling beats and a distorted vocal sample and reveals that the Russian-Austrian-based producer and artist has been experimenting with his compositional approach and his sound to incorporate organic instrumentation. And the result is a song that feels and sounds stately and cinematic while being dance floor ready — and interestingly enough manages to channel Octo Octa’s Between Two Selves and the aforementioned Bonobo, but wth a bracing, winter chill.

The recently released music video is a fittingly cinematic video that features footage of Lindinger pensively singing the song while looking out towards a rainy, cloud and fog strewn day; the sort of grey that envelops its environment; simultaneously, we view Dittrich walking around, day dreaming — all in situations in which men are felt to feel small and insignificant.