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New Video: Introducing the Scuzzy Yet Breezy Sounds and Menacing Visuals of Scully’s “No Sense”

Engineered by Ben Greenberg and mastered by A Place to Bury Strangers’ and Death by Audio founder Oliver Ackerman, the Brooklyn-based trio’s latest effort No Sense reveals a band that has expanded upon their sound — bridging Riot GRRL, grunge and indie rock; in fact, the EP’s latest single, EP title track “No Sense” may be breezy but just underneath there’s a dirt, scumminess, discomfort and unease under the placid surface. It subtly evokes the sensation being trapped in a packed train car without air conditioning, the rank smell of baking garbage in the summer sun, of getting pushed and shoved to and fro without any control and so on.

The recently released and menacing music video was self-produced and directed by the band and features the band’s members broodingly sitting on the sort of wicker chair almost every black grandmother would have had in her house from about 1978-1986 or so. (How do I know this? My maternal grandmother had a chair exactly like it!) It’s split with footage of the band intently playing and performing the song and a series of sequences that suggest that a murder has taken place — or will be taking place.