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New Video: Rising British Act Palace Releases a Gorgeously Shot Live Performance Visual For Soaring “Shame on You”

Led by frontman Leo Wyndham, the rising London-based indie outfit Palace formed back in 2014. And since then, the members of Palace have released two full-length album’s 2016’s So Long Forever and 2019’s Life After, as well as a handful of EPs, including last year’s Gravity and Lover (Don’t Let Me Down).

The rising British indie outfit’s third album Shoals is slated for a January 21, 2022 release through Avenue A/Fiction. As the band’s Wyndham explains:“Shoals is a record about confronting our own fears and anxieties. Through the pandemic we were confronted more than ever with ourselves with little distraction, suddenly seeing who we are in the rawest of forms. It held a mirror up to our flaws and imperfections and forced us to see the real ‘us’. 

“The record symbolises how our minds can have beautiful yet dangerous depths, like the ocean, and how our fears and thoughts are like shoals of fish that move and shift constantly from place to place; chaotic, often untameable and unpredictable.” While understandably being of our wildly uncertain and uneasy time, the album’s material also draws major inspiration from the sea — with the album positing the ocean’s violent yet beautiful energy as the ebb and flow between sheer panic and euphoric relief.

“Shame On You,” Shoals third and latest single is centered around a spacious and unhurried arrangement of glistening, reverb-drenched guitars, a steady backbeat, atmospheric synths, Wyndham’s soaring, achingly plaintive falsetto and arena rock friendly hooks. The song is brooding yet rooted in an unvarnished honesty.

Directed by filmmaker and photographer David J. East, the recently released video for “Shame On You” is a live performance video that sees the band performing in a bare yet massive loft or factory space.