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New Video: The Psychedelic Yet Nostalgic Visuals for Indie Rock Act Pamphleteers’ “Shivering”

“Shivering,” is the first single off the band’s recently released full-length debut Ghost That Follows, and the single consists of shimmering and angular guitar chords paired with propulsive drumming, tumbling bass line, Crawford’s plaintive and urgent vocals and an anthemic hook in a song that sounds as though it were inspired by 80s post-punk — but at its core the song feels simultaneously joyous over small pleasures and haunted by the ghosts of their friends and loved ones and the recognition that some losses linger forever.

The recently released video for the single fittingly uses a ton of nostalgic imagery — including a cassette tape being run through an off-brand Walkman that appears as though it were recorded onto an old VHS or Betamax tape, psychedelic imagery of people skateboarding in the California sun and amusement parks shot on Super 8 film but treated through a kaleidoscopic filters and the like.