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Jacque Ryal is a New York-based singer/songwriter, keyboardist and pop artist, who first emerged onto the local scene as a member of pop outfit Strip Darling before stepping out into the limelight as a solo artist. As a solo artist, Ryal crafted Portishead-inspired trip-hop.

RYAL, the New York-based artist’s latest project with producer and songwriter Aaron Nevezie has recieved attention from The Best Line of Best FitTime Out New YorkLadyGunnPopdust and elsewhere for releasing material that’s been compared to Little Dragon and the aforementioned Portishead.

The duo’s latest single “Best Friend” is a slickly produced bop centered around glistening synth arpeggios, skittering beats and shimmering bursts of guitar paired with Ryal’s achingly plaintive delivery, random puppy noises and the duo’s unerring ability to craft a razor sharp hook. Initially written as a lullaby dedicated to her beloved dog, who died, “Best Friend” eventually turned into a dreamy and anthemic bop that the duo recorded to tape. Despite its anthemic nature, “Best Friend” captures the unique and profound relationship one has with a faithful, animal friend.

With the single being released on National Pet Day — April 11, 2022 — the dup partnered with pet partners like Broadway Bitches and PupperCup, as well as animal rescues for charities.

The single’s artwork is collaborative fan art, where fans were asked to submit pictures of their pets. 20 of the submissions were selected and illustrated by Nashville-based artist Psychic Lemonade in a Brady Bunch-styled color block collage.

Initially known as a vocalist and keyboardist in NYC-based pop act Strip Darling, Jacque Ryal is a singer/songwriter and pop artist, whose career began crafting Portishead-inspired trip-hop; however, along with producer and collaborator Aaron Nevezie, Ryal, who writes, record and performs under the moniker RYAL, the duo have received attention for a soulful synth pop sound that while seemingly inspired by Prince and 80s synth pop, is also reportedly inspired by Solange, The xx, Bjork, Kendrick Lamar and others while paired with deeply personal lyrics rooted from her own experiences.

Now, if you’ve been frequenting this site over the past year or so, you may recall that I caught RYAL perform during the eclectically curated Festival 8 at C’mon Everybody last summer and although I haven’t personally written about her in a little bit, the New York-based singer/songwriter and pop artist has been rather busy, recording a sultry and soulful yet minimalist and subtly atmospheric-leaning rendition of one of my favorite George Michael songs “Father Figure.” And while being fairly straightforward, RYAL’s version manages to have a swaggering vibe, thanks to big, tweeter and woofer rocking beats.