Tag: Single Review: It’s Alright

Sam Valdez is a Nevada-born, Los Angeles, CA-based singer/songwriter, guitarist, and classically trained violinist, who after spending time performing in a number of bands, discovered her own unique sound and decided that it was time to step out in front as a solo artist, writing her own original material influenced by the vastness of the desert and its sky, as well as Sufjan Stevens, The War on Drugs and the work of Sylvia Plath.  Interestingly, with the release of Hours, Valdez received attention from the likes of BlackBook.  Building upon a growing profile, Valdez’s latest single “It’s Alright” pairs incredibly forthright lyrics that thematically focus on coping with the disillusion that comes from relationships with a sound that manages to mesh anthemic shoegazer rock and twangy alt country/Americana in a way will remind some listeners of a brash and swaggering Mazzy Star, complete with rousing power chord-led hooks.









Featuring three high-school friends, Reddmond Perone, Joseph Gara, and Garrett Shafer, the Metuchen, NJ-based trio The Ivory Orchids formed the band with the purpose of creating unique music that touches upon the aspects of a variety of emotions. Interestingly, “It’s Alright,” the first single off the trio’s recently released EP manages to sound as though it channels The Bends-era Radiohead — in particular, “Fake Plastic Trees”  as the song possess a similar quiet introspection with a bitterly ironic sensibility just underneath the surface.