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New Audio: French Outfit Le Douze Releases a Summery and Cosmic Bit of Irie Vibes

Deriving their name for the French word for “twelve,” the Normandy, France-based French-American indie outfit Le Douze — David Boutherre (vocals, drums), Frédéric Scamps (keys) and Maxine Lebidois (guitar, production) — can trace their origins to a need to be creative during quarantine in France: Lebidois had reached out to Boutherre and Scamps with instrumental tracks and the trio quickly went to work. “Quarantine created a special place, out of time,” Lebidois says. “It gave me a total freedom to express something through music — and through music, create a special connection with David and Fred.

.The French indie trio will be releasing their debut EP in April, which they plan to follow-up with their full-length debut, slated for release in September. Both efforts will feature a sound that the band describes as a blend of Pink Floyd, Metronomy, The Police, and Daft Punk. To build up buzz for both their forthcoming EP and full-length, the French indie outfit released “Fruits of My Life,” a slow-burning, irie vibes packed, reggae jam that sounds like a slick mix of Dark Side of the Moon era Pink Floyd meets Regatta de Blanc era The Police, centered around Boutherre’s uncannily Sting-like vocal delivery.

As the trio developed lyrics for “Fruits of My Life,” the song began to take on a special and very personal meaning for the band. “‘Fruits of My Life’ is the story of someone who’s been away from home for a very, very long time,” the band’s David Boutherre explains. “Someone who comes back to their homeland to take care of the ones they love the most and to be taken care of by them as well.”

The trio spent a lot of time working and recording on France’s West Coast, which helped inspired the mood of the track and its lyrics. “We would sing and then go out to the water, the apartment was just in front of the beach and the sea,” the band’s Frédéric Scamps says. “We thought about swimming with the dolphins, being back from Babylon after touring for a long time, like Roman soldiers 2000 years ago. We just wanted to stay here, to be with wine and family.”