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New Audio: Linka Moja Shares Soulful and Anthemic “Othersider”

Lake Tahoe, CA-born singer/songwriter and musician Linka Moja (pronounced Moya) can trace the origins of her music career to her childhood: From a young age, Moya found solace and self-expression in music, using her lyrics and melodies to navigate the challenges of the world around her. Her work explores and touches upon themes of resilience, love and the complexities of the human experience. Her love of outdoor activities shaped her unique perspective on life — and infused her music with a raw, lived-in authenticity.

The Lake Tahoe-born artist attended Kelly Slater’s surf camp, where she had a serendipitous encounter with Eddie Vedder and Jack Johnson. Moja found herself faced with a moment of truth. Unprompted, and with passion and determination, she stepped forward, picked up her guitar and began playing her original songs.

Her passionate performance caught Eddie Vedder’s attention and left an indelible mark on everyone present. The Pearl Jam frontman was so impressed by Moja that he offered her a slot to play at that year’s Ohana Festival. The invitation not only validated her courage and musical prowess, but it also opened quite a few doors for her.

Inspired by Vedder’s belief and encouragement, the Lake Tahoe-born artist wasted no time in channeling her passion into her music and in a whirlwind of creativity, she recorded a live EP Cough Drops in just a few days. The album showcased her distinctive blend of introspective lyrics, emotive vocals and original guitar and bass arrangements, informed by the angst and unease of being a teenager.

Shortly after, she then jumped back into the studio with Oscar Niedhart to work on her full-length debut, Serial Monogamist, which is slated to for release later this summer. But in the meantime, Moja shares EP single “Othersider,” a seamless synthesis of 90s grunge and neo-soul built around the Lake Tahoe-born artist’s sultry powerhouse delivery, fuzzy power chords and some rousingly anthemic hooks.”

Ultimately, what “Othersider” reveals is a superstar in the making — with seemingly effortless talent.