Tag: Slenderman

With the release of their debut track “Ambulance,” the Brooklyn-based indie rock quartet Russian Baths, comprised of┬áLuke Koz, Jess Ress, Evan Gill Smith and Jeff Widner, have received attention for a sound that the band has described as nodding at Big Black, 70s space rock, Big Muff and British post punk among others; however, the Brooklyn-based indie rock act’s latest single “Slenderman” strikes me as drawing from brooding, 90s alt rock/120 Minutes-era MTV as the song finds the band employing the quiet, loud, quiet strong structure — in which you’ll hear shimmering guitar chords, throbbing bass chords, ┬ápropulsive drumming paired with a rousingly anthemic hook. But what immediately struck me about the song, is that the band is an incredibly self-assured unit, and I’m looking forward to hearing more.