Tag: Tessa Rose Jackson (Songs From) The Sandbox

With the release of her 2013 debut effort (Songs from) The Sandbox, Dutch singer/songwriter Tessa Rose Jackson quickly received attention nationally and Stateside for upbeat, happy-go-lucky, infectious pop; in fact, unsurprisingly several singles from the album received quite a bit of airplay back in The Netherlands, and were placed in a number of TV shows and commercials, including Fox‘s acclaimed series New Girl. However, as Jackson was beginning to write the material for her highly-anticipated sophomore effort, she felt as though the river had run dry. Several years had passed from her debut and she was older, wiser, and as she discovered far more interesting than the teenager, who wrote The Sandbox. Along with that, three years working as a composer for TV and feature films found Jackson growing as a songwriter and producer, who took on broadening influences and techniques, as well as a growing, dusty synthesizer collection.

With her songwriting and creative approach taking on a different direction, Jackson felt it was a perfect time to start anew. Explaining how she came about with Someone, her latest musical project, Jackson explains  I wanted a name that meant: Don’t worry about who I am. Just check out what I make. I make a lot. Some you may like, some you may not. But I’ll like it. And you know what, I’m someone too.” While still possessing the anthemic hooks that first caught the attention of the blogosphere, “Say Something,” Jackson’s latest Someone single manages to nod at several disparate things — guitar pop and indie rock with subtle, ambient, electronic flourishes; but the song manages to reveal a cool, swaggering self-assuredness with some ambitious, pop-leaning songwriting. Simply put, it’s a radio-friendly track that has an arena rocking feel.